The Made by Wombat 4e Utility Pack is a set of accessories for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition players. It includes 54 blank power cards (10 At-Will, 16 Encounter, 16 Daily, and 12 Item cards), 54 tokens, and 100 token labels for common statuses and conditions in 4th Edition.

Each 4e Utility Pack contains enough cards for up to three Heroic-tier characters or two Paragon- or Epic-tier characters. The card faces have a pencil-eraseable surface so you can change the numbers on the cards rather than printing new cards every time you level up. The labels are printed on an oil- and water-impervious gloss material.

Click here for a detailed Flash view of the card and token design. Tokens are included for the following statuses: Acid, Blind, Bloodied, Cold, Cursed 1, Cursed 2, Dazed, Deaf, Dominated, Fire, Force, Penalty, Immobilized, Lightning, Marked 1, Marked 2, Marked 3, Necrotic, Oath, Ongoing, Poison, Psychic, Quarry, Radiant, Restrained, Slow, Stunned, Thunder, Unconscious, and Weakened.

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